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04/25/2010 Episode 17: The Editor and the Asswipe

April 25, 2010

In this episode Thomas and Peter try to keep things together with Kyle on vacation. Topics include Pokemon, Street Fighter, Beat Hazard, Lost Planet 2 and much more!
Music Credits:
Ossining by Mike Doughty
Ain’t No Sunshine by The Slackers


04/12/2010 Episode 16: Life is Beautiful

April 12, 2010

In this episode we go topic crazy as we talk about everything from Thomas’ spending habits, the ending of god of war 3 (spoilers between 23:30-30:15), Kyle’s indifference towards the iPad, Peter’s love for Deadly Premonition and more!
Music Credits:
The Neon Mines from the Shatter Soundtrack
Life is Beautiful by Deadly Premonition Soundtrack
FBI Special Agent by Deadly Premonition Soundtrack